"Poruchik for especial commissions" 1990, August -
1991, July

The "Poruchik for especial commissions" story was written at the same remarkable time as the "Dimcka the penguins friend" poem - the time of my studentship. But it`s in distinction from "Dimcka", there in this work, the political theme been touched. The events in the "Poruchick" are taked place in 2003, so, this work is the foretelling for the near future. I would like to note only about I had finished this work at 1,5 months before political overturn in our country at the August of the 1991. That`s all... So, read this work to learn the rest.

The source file "poruchik.doc" is in the MS Word`97 format and packed into the self-extracting archive [ poruchmr.exe ]. Its size is 222`887 bytes.

This story`s text is in Russian only!

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Merry Roger, Copyright 1991..1997