Home site of Merry Roger
Web-site of Merry Roger
The "Merry Roger`s Home site" been created in June
of 1998. It was designed as the collection of my own
works in different creative areas. I still trying to make
its original design to support there the spirit of the en-
You can visit the following sections there:
- the Title page;
- the Poetry ( poems and stories by Merry Roger );
- the Games ( games by Merry Roger );
- the Fun ( fun stuff, picked up by Merry Roger);
- the FAQs ( answers for frequently asked questions ).
You can download all the things you like from the site of Merry Roger absolutely free, but
the commercial using of these downloaded materials is prohibited.
Web-site of the "mobile TeleCom Kurgan" paging company
Web-site of the 'mobile TeleCom Kurgan' paging company
The different versions of this site disigning been per-
formed since end of 1997. Now you can see the last
version of the site incarnation, started in August of
There you may found out the detailed information abo-
ut the company, look at its current price list. Besides,
you may know more about the company`s services,
pagers and their applications, based on technical da-
ta. Also you may know about roaming service wihtin
the network of the "mobile TeleCom" network, e.t.c.

ATTENTION! If you have noted any incongruity in the presented information, please,
inform me by any way about these changes. Thank you very much.

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